What I can do

I have worked exclusively in the Joomla CMS platform since 2009. Although ready-to-use templates can be bought, I am able to code unique templates in accordance to my client’s specifications. Pricing will be quoted per individual project, as it is not possible to work on a fixed fee structure. Regardless of whether a client orders a single page website or an e-commerce site, the level of support provided to all of them remains the same.

Although I perform most of the basic graphic design work in-house, I may outsource the more complex requirements from time to time, after consulting with my client in this regard. All of the sites I design not only fully comply with the latest Google algorithm requirements, they are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are fully responsive as well. I am a fully qualified Joomla expert and you can check my certification HERE

The boom of social media has provided another avenue for me to serve my clients, and to date, my network spans more than 1500k connections across the most popular social media platforms. This puts me in the ideal position to ensure that there is seamless integration between the websites I design and the social media platforms they are to be marketed on. I am also an internationally qualified and accredited SEO specialist, and proof of this can be seen HERE.

I am a registered Google webmaster and am deeply involved with accredited Facebook developer groups as well. As a result, I am kept up to date with the latest social media trends, which puts me a step ahead of most competitors in my field.

I currently offer basic copywriting services in-house. However, I may outsource to a third party in cases where I feel that more expertise may be required.
When it comes to support and webmaster services, I am able to provide the full package ranging from basic domain registration right through to complete monthly website hosting at competitive prices. I provide my clients with 24x7x365 service, ensuring that their online platforms are kept running as smoothly as possible.

If you are looking for a reliable web hosting option or you need to have a full website designed and marketed online, contact me today to find out how I can help you.

I also specialize in assisting clients with outdated or hacked platforms.